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from the group: Instant (Diffusion Transfer)

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Bromoil Transfer
Collodion POP
Direct Carbon (Fresson)
Dye Imbibition
Gelatin Dry Plate
Gelatin POP
Gum Dichromate
Instant (Diffusion Transfer)
Instant (Dye Diffusion Transfer)
Instant (Internal Dye Diffusion Transfer)
Matte Collodion
Salted Paper
Screen Plate
Silver Dye Bleach
Silver Gelatin DOP
Wet Plate Collodion


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Notes on this view:

This instant photograph is made on Polaroid Type 32 roll film. This film type is identified by its format; the image size is 2 1/8 x 2 7/8 inches and the overall print size is 2 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches. Prints from Type 32 roll film are characterized by a black-and-white silver image with fine grain and perforated edges. Roll film was comprised of three components: a photosensitive negative roll, a thin pod of developing agent, and a positive-receiving paper roll. To make a print, the photographer pressed the shutter release to expose the negative then pulled a paper tab protruding from the back of the Polaroid Land camera. This advanced the negative in contact with the positive receiving sheet and pulled them into the developing compartment of the camera. As the film entered the developing compartment it passed through a pair of metal rollers that crushed the reagent pod and spread the viscous solution evenly between the negative and positive. After allowing the developer to act for roughly 60 seconds, the back cover of the camera was opened and the positive could be peeled away from the negative. The negative was discarded and the positive was finished with a protective polymer coating provided by Polaroid.